Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na from “Korea” Location

The “Korea” (‘코리아)  leading roles, Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na, still had time to take some photos during the filming break. Bae Doo Na uploaded these photos on her mini-hompie, with title “Ji Won♡Doo Na”. Ha Ji Won (on 34years old) and Bae Doo Na (on 33years old) still look pretty and adorable on these photos even without a full make up on their faces.

Their ages almost  the same,  so I figured it easy for them to become friends on location. They look so friendly, eventhough on the movie “Korea”, they play as athletes who are from two conflicting countries, Ha Ji Won from South Korea and Bae Doo Na from North Korea.

“Korea” based on a true story on the World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba in 1991. It was the first reunification for South Korea and North Korea. That’s a historical peace-campaign moment for the two countries.

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