“Korea” Released Main Poster and More Trailer Videos

Before being released on May 3rd, new movie “Korea” unvealed more teasers and main poster. “Korea” is based on true story telling about historical moment not only for South Korea but also North, because on 1991 for the first time the two brothers who are  hostile, must get rid of their quarrel for a while to face the common enemy, China, on table tennis championship in Chiba, Japan.

The movie will focus on Hyun Jung Hwa (Ha Ji Won) and Lee Bun Hee (Bae Doo Na) who performed on double and successfully got the gold medals for Korea.

Before the tournament the athletes gathered on one place to practice together and knowing each other. They have same culture, but different idealism plus prejudice and under the pressure condition created conflicts and more emotion involved. But, the most important is they are fighting for their pride as Korean.

First Trailer

Second Trailer

Third Trailer

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