Ha Ji Won and Han Ji Min, The Princesses For This Spring

The spring dramas that will be released on the same day (even after the delay) on March 21st, The King 2Hearts” and “Rooftop Prince” gaining more attention from public since they have so many things. They bring the royal family as their center point. Love story between the prince and the beloved princess. And there are two princesses who will be on the spotlight along this spring, Ha Ji Won and Han Ji Min.

For “Rooftop Prince” on pure romantic-comedy genre, the princess (Han Ji Min) appeared as cheerful, light, and free character. She will perform on two different characters, the lovely princess from Joseon era and the loveable modern girl, Park Ha. She has bright and optimistic personalities and always wearing the cute and funny outfit. And of course Han Ji Min will be acting more comical than usual.

While Ha Ji Won on “The King 2Hearts” has to portray more complicated and unusual ‘princess’, Kim Hang Ah. “The King” has so many genres, romantic yes, comedy yes, also action, and little bit thriller.  Kim Hang Ah comes from military, but forced to be involved with royal family. For portraying the legendary sergeant from North, Ha Ji Won transformed into tough woman outside but so pure inside, splendid but innocent. and since she is former special elite soldier, her fashion taste always on the line, always looks neat and classic.

I don’t want to compare these pretty noona-deul, i love them both.  I love Han Ji Min especially on “Capital Scandal”, and I love Ha Ji Won for everything. Just hope they and their younger partners (Park Yoochun and Lee Seung Gi) will make our spring time more beautiful.

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