Ha Ji Won’s Fighting Scene on “The King 2Hearts”

More stills from “The King 2Hearts” filming process surfaced. This time is for Ha Ji Won’s fighting scene. The shot took place at Gyeonggi, on March 10th. This scene is for Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) who takes part on fighting championship. She beat off her colleagues to win the competition.

For this scene Ha Ji Won showed her skill on martial art technique, like kicking, smacking, and punching. Is Gil Ra Im back????

Eventhough she worked hard for 7 hours non stop and without stunt double, she did  the whole dangerous movements by herself without hesitation, she never complained. She’s tired but still showed her professionalism,  looked enthusiastic and excited during the filming.

On this drama that will be released on March 21st, Ha Ji Won will show two different personalities, as the bold special elite soldier and as the elegant woman who will be arranged marriage with royal family member, prince Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi).

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