Ha Ji Won and Jang Hyeok on “Secret Garden”, Maybe

For me this is a very good news. Ha Ji Won will return to drama production, after her previous drama, Hwang Jin I (2006), she was more preoccupied with the movie production such as “BaBo”(2008), “Haeundae”(2009) and “Closer To Heaven”(2009).

What makes it even a much better news is probably Ha Ji Won will be the main opponent of Jang Hyeok in “Secret Garden” (Wow.. I like both of them). B)
This drama is scheduled to be aired on September. Besides Ha Ji Won and Jang Hyeok, plans Yoon Sang Hyun and a former Miss Korea, Kim Sa Rang will also take part in this drama.
I hope this news will become a reality, because I think the cooperation between Ha Ji Won and Jang Hyeok will be awesome… B)

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