Ha Ji Won Get Classic in Mexico for Bazaar

Before the nation leaders are gathering at G20 Summit these days, on early June Ha Ji Won flew to Mexico and doing the photoshoot in city beach, Los Cabos, for Harper’s Bazaar.

In the city that is rich of the sunshine, Ha Ji Won showed her classic side. Frankly, first time i saw these photos, i almost didn’t recognize her. She looked so different with those heavy make up. To create the vintage atmosphere, they chose the old fashion style: the make up, the hair style, the wardrobes, the accessories. Thanks to her charm and perfect body, even with those effect Ha Ji Won still looks gorgeous and charming.

Besides the photoshoot, Ha Ji Won also shared her totality on career especially how she transformed into very different characters on each dramas and movies.

This pictorial and interview will be published on Harper’s Bazaar for July issue.

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6 Responses to Ha Ji Won Get Classic in Mexico for Bazaar

  1. NewKDramaAddict

    She is unrecognizable to me!

    • Newkdramaaddict, i am not sure whether a lot of people are using the same name as you, but one thing is for sure, i see the name EVERYWHERE. Well, not anywhere but at most places. If it is truly you who i saw, u must be REALLY addicted. Hahahaha! I am an addict as well. :)

  2. Ha Ji Won is a classic beauty and a gifted actress

  3. Ah Ha is so gorgeous

  4. speechless and breathless .. hi Ah Haa .. where is Jae Ha lol

  5. luv her to death…make up or no make up! Simply Awesome!

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