Pictures from “The King 2Hearts” Press Conference

Today (March 8th) at Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul, MBC’s most anticipated drama “The King 2Hearts” held the press conference. This drama was planned to be airing start on March 14, but due to the labor strike it’s delayed until March 21. The main characters from this black rom-com drama attended on this event, they were Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won, Lee Yoon Ji , Jo Sung Seok, and Yoon Jae Moon.

I think the costume theme for this afternoon press conference was light elegant. Seung Gi appeared clean and neat with that black suit. And that hair cut really do much for him, he looks more mature.  Ha Ji Won wore green mini dress with pink laces heels, which I found it a bit color mismatch. And the humble green dress made her necklace took over the attention.

Lee Yoon Ji who always being bold on every red carpet ceremony with her sexy gown, this time she appeared in mini dress, but more cheerful than Ha Ji Won’s. I like this dress, with very low chest and  the purple-blue beads.

On the interview Ha Ji Won was asked about her younger co-worker, Lee Seung Gi. She said she was happy when she heard that she’s going to work with Seung Gi. As an actor, she had wanted to work together with him. She also said that this drama needed a very hard work more than she thought and working with Lee Seung Gi the feelings was nice. It was fun and comfortable. And it’s down to kiss scene, she was surprised that Lee Seung Gi could be so mature for his age.


But Seung Gi stays Seung Gi. No matter how much he has grown up and being mature, he’s still the young man who is full of fun. Just look at this picture.

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