Ha Ji Won in LA for “Korea” First Screening

After wrapping “The King 2 Hearts”, Ha Ji Won straightly flew overseas for promoting her movie “Korea” or “As One” as the international title.

On June 6th, she was already in Los Angeles, United State. Through her twitter account she shared her feeling while she was waiting for the first screening of “Korea”. She’s really excited and nervous, and she hope “Korea” will be success in US. Started this weeks, “As One” will be running in US theaters.

She posted that along side with her own photo. She looked so gorgeous and pretty with the cute white mini dress, and oh so damn!! Once again, her legs…just so perfect!

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7 Responses to Ha Ji Won in LA for “Korea” First Screening

  1. Queen Jiwonie is so beautiful and sexy…her legs are killing me

  2. NewKDramaAddict

    Best legs in Korea!

  3. WOW! This woman is really amazing! Her beauty is beyond compare! love u always Ms Ji won Ha! Good luck in you movie KOREA and God Bless You always!

  4. exactly

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  7. i kiss you so much from far distance!
    i hope that i meet you directly and at your home in korea many times!
    take care!
    bye bye!

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