Ha Ji Won Looks Stunning on Her Own Royal Fashion

Started from episode 5 “The King 2 Hearts” Kim Hang Ah has taken off her military uniform. Because of the arranged marriage, as the most potential bride for prince Lee Jae Ha, she has to transform into an elegant woman, wearing the pretty elegant dresses and the luxurious accessories, become the modern princess.

Maybe because of those pretty dresses Ha Ji Won agreed to act as Kim Hang Ah,  since on her latest movie “Sector 7” and upcoming movie “Korea” she had to stay away from those glamorous things and mini skirt. On “The King” she changed 180 degree, but still  she didn’t attempt to looked like Grace Kelly, but she can be very elegant and become the royal icon in her own way. I love all those outfits. My favorite is the yellow knit sweater, flowered skirt and the cute hairband…she looked like an adolescent in those outfit, cute and adorable.

Ha Ji Won, as always, her acting skill makes me amazed. Her character on “The King 2 Hearts” is really unique, because she has two different sides, sometimes Hang Ah looked so strong and scary woman, but just in seconds she can suddenly become so weak, tender, and cute, like a kitten…that’s why you need Ha Ji Won for this character… :)

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  1. Pretty and cute Ha Ji Won is still young, she gives lots of pleasant surprises in her dramas. There’s something special in her that she can pull all her male co stars to the highest level! She’s simply AMAZING…go gal!

  2. Pretty and cute Ha Ji Won is still young, she gives lots of pleasant surprises in her dramas. There’s something special in her that she can pull all her male co stars to the highest level! She’s simply AMAZING….go gal in her own stunning ways!

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