The King 2 Hearts: More Pictures From Royal Engagement Scene

The King kissed his fiance! article I had once posted it right? Frankly, thanks to that spoiler i wasn’t worry about latest episodes (episode 13 and 14), when Jae Ha and Hang Ah risking their love on WOC, because eventually they engaged.yay!

Then today (May 8th) more photos from that royal engagement scene was published. On April 27th the filming took place at amusement park on Gyeonggi, and actually need 10.000 people to make it happened. This scene is for this week episodes (May 9th and 10th). Apparently The King Lee Jae Ha accomplished his mission on WOC. Then not only getting the trust of his people and the dignity back, he also get the beloved fiance, Kim Hang Ah.

For that scene, Lee Seung Gi looked so dashing wearing the royal uniform, while Ha Ji Won looked elegant even just wearing simple white dress, then the tiara on her head made her looked more beautiful, and they both looked so happy…

[info and images source]

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