Ha Ji Won’s Birthday Party

I was blaming myself for a couple days ago, i had to go to a strange place, the middle no where and isolated. So I missed a lot of news, and the most importantly i missed Ha Ji Won’s birthday on June 28th.

actually, that day (June, 28th) Ha Ji Won held a simple party with her loyalest fans, some kind of fan meeting, title “To Love Ha Ji Won, 1023” (aargh X| ..i should be there too). She’s very thankful with her loyal fans who love her since she was a rookie until now (become great actress). She also promised to continue doing her best in her career. Beside fans, one of her close friends who also her co-worker on “Korea”, Bae Doo Na attended the party to show her support and love on her blessing day.

This year, Ha Ji Won turns 34 years old (on Korea), but looking atthese pictures, I doubt she’s already thirty something. She looks so young and pretty even without make up, like twenty something woman.

Happy birthday Ha Ji Won-ssi, i hope you always be cool, humble, and enchanting woman. ;)

And I like her “oneul saeng il” (today -is my- birthday) cap…

[info and images source]

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