Ha Ji Won’s Most Memorable Kissing Scene

Although the public was still talking about her lastest drama “Secret Garden” (2010), and about how perfect her acting with Hyun Bin, and most of them wish they could together in real life, but for Ha Ji Won the most memorable kissing scene not with Hyun Bin (oops…this time i feel sorry for Hyun Bin’s fan), but her kissing scene with Jo In Sung in What Happened in Bali ” (2004)

On August 23rd, the “What Happened in Bali” or “Memories of Bali” casts, will together again after seven years through SBS’s talk show “Morning Wide”. “What Happened in Bali” tells about gloomy love story between three persons, Jung Jae Min (Jo In Sung), Lee Soo Jung (Ha Ji Won), and Kang In Wook (So Ji Sub).

Ha Ji Won attended that show, from the sneak peak of that show, Ha Ji Won will be asked about the most memorable scene from that drama. She said it was the kissing scene with Jo In Sung after her character said “I’m not giving my heart to you, because it’s my last dignity” ouch damn!…I remember that sad kissing scene very very well.

She remembered that kissing because it’s the most difficult kissing scene she was ever done. The director hate the kissing scene, so they were required to successfully make that teary-kiss scene in one shot. The kiss was quite awkward and she was so nervous at that moment. She bumped her teeth until Jo In Sung almost broke her teeth.  About her character on that drama, as Lee Soo Jung, she admited that was the most unique character for her. she also admited that at beginning of that drama filming the casts already knew about the sad ending, but they had to promise to producer to keep that until the drama ended.

For me personally, “Memories of Bali” wass the most memorable drama, the drama that made my sleep uncomfy anymore as before. aarggh…I hate and in the same time i adore this drama. I think this drama was so amazing especially with the shocking ending. “What Happened in Bali” placing no.1 on my top list dramas, but because of this drama I never again want to watch the tragic drama..ever!  and the most memorable quote from that drama for me is the Jung Jae Min’s words to Lee Soo Jung “I will give you everything but marriage”,  You may think I’m insane, but I think those words are so romantic. :mrgreen:

[by Blossom]

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4 Responses to Ha Ji Won’s Most Memorable Kissing Scene

  1. hope that ha ji won and jo in sung will be together in real life….

  2. i hate the ending

  3. “What Happened in Bali” WAS placing no.1 on my top list dramas (too), but because of this drama I never again want to watch the tragic drama..ever! <<<< +1 'blossom^^

  4. I really love ha ji won….infact i want her to be my wife…but she too old for me..hehe….anyway i really want her to be with hyun bin ….in secret garden..they were adorable,even though it was a comedy,there are some sad scene ,i like the sad part,especually when ji won say yah………hehe..i love both of them…..of all the korean actor and actress ,ha ji won and hyun bin,they are my favourite…i really wanna meet them……

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