“The King” Will Be The Reunion Drama For Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung

On December 9th, MBC official announced that new drama “The King” (더 킹) has been determined the potential casts. After seven years through “What Happened In Bali” in 2004 , they plan to pair Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung again on one frame!

I know, as one of biggest fans of “What Happened in Bali” this is a really really good news for me, but i don’t want to be happy this early  before the filming process begin and they show us this “Bali couple” really work together again. But I think their involvement is almost certain since Jo In Sung’s movie project “Kwon Bup” has been postponed and Ha Ji Won’s new movie “Korea” has finished filming process. So technically there is nothing to prevent them to be involved in this drama. So far, for the casts are still on negotiating process, Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung still consider the offer.

I can’t talk too much about “The King” and what exactly the storyline about because the drama is still on process. But as i know this is a fantasy mellow drama about an arranged married between a King from south and the princess from north. If the whole process run smoothly this drama will be ready to start airing on early 2012.

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  1. …i can’t wait to see their drama reunion since i was extremely addicted with their first team up in what happened in bali…in sung & ji won are really good together on screen…hope this will really be realized…

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