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In the year 2004, a great natural disaster shocked the whole world. A giant tsunami strucked many countries and caused the lost of hundreds of thousands lives.

“Haeundae” was released on 2009 with many Korean top list actors/actress involved in the production. Ha Ji Won, Seol Gyeong Gu, Park Joong Hoon, and Lee Min Gi were among the famous names. Taking the setting in the Korean peninsula, a beach in Busan area, Haeundae is a Korean favorite place for summer vacation.

Choi Man Shik (Seol Gyeong Gu) was a simple man who was still haunted by the sea accident happened in 2004 that cost his co-worker’s life, Kang Yeon Hee’s father. Yeon Hee (Ha Ji Won) was his longtime girlfriend, but he had hesitated to propose her because of the accident.

Choi Hyeong Shik (Lee Min Gi) was a life guard and saved the life of a college girl one day. This hilariously sassy girl then agressively approached Hyeong Shik and they went out dating several times.

Kim Hwi (Park Joong Hoon) was a geologist who found out that a disaster would soon struck Korea. He met his ex-wife in an event and found out that his own daughter didn’t recognize him as her father.

When the giant tsunami strucked Haeundae, the lives of these people just turned up side down within minutes.

Directed by Yoon Je Kyoon, this movie is very entertaining. It offers us laughters, thrills, and sadness packed within 129 minutes. Unlike in most of Korean movies, in “Haeundae” we’ll hear them speak in Kyeongsang-Busan saturi. (The dialect is so hard to comprehend! –Rizz). So, being pretty good in Korean language won’t be enough for you, subtitle highly needed. (Rizz&Blossom)

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