The Relation of Face, Mind and Love

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Romantic comedy became Kang Ji Hwan ‘s Specialization in acting, that’s for sure. In 2009, through the movie titled “The Relations of Face Mind and Love” or formerly known as “Bean Pod on My Eyes”, Kang Ji Hwan successfully acting with Lee Ji Ah.

One day, Kang Tae Pung (played by Kang Ji-hwan), a successful architect, had a car accident. He was not hurt, but the bump caused a little interference in his eyesight temporarily. The friend-doctor said he would see the opposite of the facts, saw ugly becomes a beauty and vice versa.

Then he met Wang So Jung (played by Lee Ji Ah), an animal magazine reporter with a weird habit. Tae Pung saw So Jung as very beautiful girl, but the fact was actually the contrary. Tae Pung immediately fell in love with So Jung and the two involved in a terrible miss understanding love story. So Jung who didn’t know about Tae Pung’s eyesight issue thought that man did sincerely love her for whatever the way she was.

Problems occured when Tae Pung’s eyesight back to normal. He no longer recognized So Jung. The harsh reality slapped So Jung awake to the reality that she was just an ugly girl and Tae Pung loved “the beautiful” So Jung not “the real” So Jung.

Lee Ji Ah’s acting was very natural that viewers would probably get carried away by her character because of So Jung’s personality was very expressive and unique. And for those of Kang Ji Hwan’s fans wouldn’t want to miss this movie because he looked more handsome here.

This movie wanted to break the general idea about what beauty really meant for people, that other than a pretty or a handsome face there was something more important to be loved. Outer beauty are important, but not more important than inner beauty. And maybe this movie was sort of a quip for the phenomenon of plastic surgery as a big hit in Korea :D

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  1. I’ve watched this for 3 times … Nice movie. Very interesting.

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