Ham Eun Jung Out, Jin Se Yeon In for “Five Fingers”?

Finally Ham Eun Jung (had to) let down her role on “Five Fingers” as Hong Da Mi, still unclear which side cut the contract, Eun Jung’s or SBS but with T-ara’s bullying scandal that still buzzing among korean public, this decision is not a surprise. Nowadays is the difficult time for T-ara members to develop their careers (singing an acting). I still do not know the truth about that scandal, but frankly i feel sorry for them.

Eun Jung is supposed to be start to filming today (August 22nd), but her departure forced  “Five Fingers” team held emergency meeting to find replacement actress and rearrange the filming schedule. Reportedly, Jin Se Yeon, heroine from “Bridal Mask”, is the most possible actress to portray the female musician, Hong Da Mi.  “Bridal Mask”  just remaining the final  episodes, and I think the fresh face of Jin Se Yeon is the right choice for this melodrama.

If Jin Se Yeon agrees to act alongside with Joo Ji Hun, she has to come to the set on August 23rd, today. “Five Fingers” is already running on SBS , so of cource their production is in a rush and the schedule is tight.


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  1. Jin se yeon play why Ham eun jung go to get award?

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