Han Hyo Joo Shows Her Mysterious Beauty for Vogue

Han Hyo Joo gets classic through her latest pictorial on Vogue magazine for September issue. On the classic vibe, with those dresess, the hair style, and make up, she transformed in to the duchess. As the noble lady she showed the cold mysterious expression, but her beauty still undeniable. Actually her dresses are modification from Korean traditional hanbok and European classic gown.

She designed this concept, the royal charm, since on  her movie that will be released also in September “Gwang Hae: The Man Who Became King” (was knows as “The King of Chosun“)  she takes the role as the Queen Jung Jeon. On that movie, as the queen she tries so hard to keep the secret of the King Gwang Hae (Lee Byung Hun).

On this edition, beside this classic pictorial, Han Hyo Joo also shared her thought about her career especially her role on this movie, that she said quite different from her previous roles, she said it wasn’t that easy to portray this dilemmatic queen..

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  1. Han Hyo Joo looks really really Gorgeous. even without colourful make up, but she still pure and pretty so much <3

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