Han Ji Min Becomes Political Enemy for Hyun Bin in “The King’s Wrath”

20130814-Han Ji Min

Finally Han Ji Min confirmed her role on up-coming movie “The King’s Wrath”. On this historical movie, she decided to take an antagonist role, Queen Jeongsun, the step grandmother of King Jeongjo (Hyun Bin). Her status might be as the grandmother, but her age just seven years older than her step-grandson.

Based on the history, Queen Jeongsun was an ambitious and powerful woman. She was the main political rival for her step-grandson. She created so many obstacles when King Jeongjo took the throne. She also contributed to the attempts to kill the king that ended up real death on that step-grandson.

Of course this project is a big challenge for her. This is the first time for Han Jin Min taking an antagonist role. And this movie will be so gloomy. Frankly, when i heard that she was offered the role for this movie last month, i thought she would become Hyun Bin’s spouse (I bet every actress wants to become Hyun Bin’s lover), but Han Ji Min decided to take the role as his enemy. I think made a good decision and hope she has chosen the right role. Anyway, she’s cool!

“The King’s Wrath” begins filming this September and is planned to be released in 2014.

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