Hyun Bin Chooses Segeuk Movie as His Comeback Project

20130429-Hyun Bin

Oh yeah..finally it’s confirmed. Hyun Bin chose sageuk movie as his post army project.  On his new movie ” The King’s Wrath” (역린)  he becomes the 22nd King of Joseon, Jeong Jo.

Besides being his first sageuk project, this is also a big challenge and heavy burden for him since he has to  portray the charismatic historical figure, King Jeong Jo. But this is Hyun Bin, we have no worry, he not only has perfect face and attitude,but also is his acting great. For me, I’m still really amazed with his acting as crazy young man in “I Am Happy” (2008), from that movie i finally admitted that he’s really great actor.

In “The King’s Wrath”, based on history,in Joseon Dynasty setting Hyun Bin will be playing as young King Jeong Jo, who struggles between  Noron and Soron battle.  This movie is planned to be released for 2014….ooooh..It means we must be more patient to see Hyun Bin on screen.

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