HershE, Girl Band from “Dream High 2” Unveiled Poster

Since “Dream High 2” is planned to be airing the first episode on January 30, then for anticipating, the poster of girl band from that drama, “HershE” is published. The poster featuring Sistar’s Hyorin, T-ara’s Jiyeon, and the rookie singer, Ailee.It’s a very convincing poster that at first I thought this poster was a real new girl band.

The group memebers are Nana (Hyorin), Lian (Jiyeon), and Ailee (Ailee). HershE, a success girl band,  sending to Kirin Art School to increase their skills on singing and dancing. In that school, HershE will meet their rival, the mysterious boy band “Eden”. So this sequel will be filled with bloody battle between these groups.

Hyorin, not too different on real life on Sistar, on HershE with powerful vocal she will take the role as a leader. Meanwhile, as Lian, the most successful idol, Jiyeon becomes the icon for HershE (also in T-ara, actually  :p ), and Ailee as Ailee, the talented singer, bubbling and cheerful girl.

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  1. not Lian but Ri An and not Eden but I’dn

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