Ji Yeon For “Dream High 2” Cast

Soon, Ji Yeon will come back on acting. Her name has been confirmed on the cast list for the most anticipated sequel drama “Dream High 2”.  Actually, she’s following Eun Jung’s step, her band mate, Eun Jung played on Dream High.

She knows she’s busy promoting T-ara’s new album in Korea and also overseas, but she still accepted the offer to act in this musical drama. She’s so exited acting on Dream High 2, because she recalls  about her days as a trainee. She will sing and dance on this drama.

So far i think her acting ability looks good. I saw her on “God of Study”, she looked so cute as a student along side Yoo Seung Ho there. In “Dream High 2” she will also play as student on art school, but this time she might appear more mature.  And reportedly, Hyo Rin (SISTAR) and Jung Jin Woong from 2AM will join her. This idols’s drama planned to be airing on January 30, at KBS2.

Recently she appears on T-ara’s long MV (15 minutes duration), “Cry Cry” alongside with Cha Seung Won. Frankly, i don’t like seeing her too close with Cha Seung Won…but i admit her acting is pretty good in that video. Please check her acting in the MV below!


T-ara: Cry Cry

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