Hyun Bin as the Lead Man on “Secret Garden”: Confirmed

This is the last and no more substitutions…it’s a must!
Finally the officials for drama “Secret Garden” announced that Hyun Bin will replace Jang Hyeok.
Jang Hyeok failed to participate in this drama because no agreement was reached between his agency, Sidus HQ, with the producer of this drama. In this drama Hyun Bin will be paired with Ha Ji Won. I hope Hyun Bin will pay it off and turn my disappointments into an amazing performance. ;)

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4 Responses to Hyun Bin as the Lead Man on “Secret Garden”: Confirmed

  1. WHAT HAPPENED MAKE UP AND STYLING???!!! I get the Blue sequined thing, but WAKE UP! 2010 has surely left the styling crew at Secret Garden behind. The acting is horrible too. Where is the spark that we see so often in him? I don’ se it in this drama. The role is swallowing him an it’s not hard due to the fact that his image is beneath his rank an his lines are as poorly delivered as they are written. Stage diectors need to do a better job at the cuts of the story and the finish is just pathetic. I’m watching, and am vr close to giving up on my favourite actor because of this.

    • hey, i like your comments, you gave me another side..thanks… :D
      but I keep thinking his character so eccentric, and it’s interesting for me.

  2. uh… but i think i did a splendid job portraying Kim Joo Won~
    and though the sparkly tracksuit seems absurd, but it’s a phenomenon is korea right now~
    i went to seoul a couple weeks ago and i saw so many shop selling that kind of cloths! and people are wearing sparkly jacket n tracksuit here and there to my surprise~ SG has revolutionized the usual dull winter fashion style in korea~

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