Secret Garden: Better than Kissing Scene

Secret Garden episode 3 was already running, but I still remembered the scene which I thought was the best scene in that episode, I call it the sexy-sit ups-scene. And I remember when first I watched that scene, I felt my face blushing :D … this scene was very sexy, better than kissing.

The scene was when Ra Im was forced to hold Joo Won’s legs when Joo Won did the sit ups. It wouldn’t’ve been nothing special if it’d been only sit-ups. It’s Joo Won on”up” position that was quite tense. His face was very close to Ra Im’s (even I thought they would be kissing), and Joo Won did that several times.

And two tumbs up for Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, because I thought the scene was a success since their expression did tell us many things.

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