Hyun Bin Is Back!!!

Yay! finally the D-day has come, today (December 6th) at 10 a.m Hyun Bin is officially discharged from army. He has wrapped up his duty on marine corps for 21 months . Hyun Bin became the most awaited actors, because he entered the military when his popularity was on the highest level because of his latest drama “Secret Garden.”

Not different with his farewell ceremony on March 2011,today he’s also crying so badly. Before giving some some speech, he gave a bow for his fans and media who were  patiently waiting him in the middle of snow.

He can’t hide his feeling, he looks so excited and happy trying so hard to stop his tears. I bet he feels grateful for these blesses. After being released from army he hopes to become a  better person and actor with a new agency. Welcome back Hyun Bin-ssi, I hope we can see your works soon!

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  1. OMG!!!! that’s perfect

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