Hyun Bin is Placed at the Frontline: Confirmed

Finally, on April 18th South Korean Marine Corps official decided that Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung) who serves as a combat soldier will be placed in the country border area.

Hyun Bin will end his basic training on April 22nd, then he would be given 5 days off . After the 5 days rest he will immediately be placed in the western border area, Baeknyeong Island. So he will begin his official duties on Baeknyeong around April 28th.

Marine corps proved their claim that there is no special treatment for celebrities like Hyun Bin, therefore they put Hyun Bin on a pretty dangerous area. Seeing his records during basic training, I’m sure he is able to carry on these dangerous duties. And now, I just can say: “Take care, my dearest oppa!” T_T

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