“I Am The King” When Joo Ji Hun Gets Comical

Another comedy movie will be released this summer, Joo Ji Hun’s comeback project “I Am The King”. The poster and the trailer already released, and the movie ready released on August.

From the poster I’m getting convinced that this movie inspired  by Mark Twain’s masterpiece “The Prince and the Pauper”, because the poster is not too different with the cover of that book (I’ve got one on my bookshelf) the pauper sitting on the throne, and from the trailer i bet this movie will be full of comedy scenes.

Frankly i’m quite surprised finding Joo Ji Hun gets comical here. I know, this is not his first comedy genre. Before he played on “Naked Kitchen” and “Antique Bakery”, those movies on light romantic and comedy genre indeed, but as i remember i never saw him looks so hilarious as in this movie.

Okay, i can’t wait for this August, waiting for Joo Ji Hun’s comeback and also because there will be more comedy movies that will be released.


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2 Responses to “I Am The King” When Joo Ji Hun Gets Comical

  1. great movie joo ji hoon congratulations……..love uu… frm philippines

  2. Wow! Great to find a post knkocing my socks off!

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