Joo Ji Hoon Back To Screen Through Sageuk Movie “I Am The King”

After he failed to joined on musical “Doctor Zhivago” due to his health, finally Joo Ji Hoon decided to come back on  big screen soon. On January 19th, The Keyeast  (Ji Hoon’ agency) annouced that after taking a rest to recover his health finally on January 18th, Joo Ji Hoon agreed to come back. He confirmed to be acting on new fictional sageuk movie “I Am The King”.

“I Am The King” is fictional story about the young King Sejong (before he’s crowned as a King), so this movie doesn’t based on true history. Before being a King, Sejong switched his identity become a beggar. whooaaa…i feel de javu with this, so Mark Twain, not too different with Lee Byung Hun’s movie “The King of Chosun”. (guys…frankly i’m getting bored with the “King” matter, because lately too much projects with the word “King”, what happen here??? :? )

This movie will be Joo Ji Hoon’s first project after his drug scandal on 2009 and his duty for two years. As i know his latest project was “Naked Kitchen” (2009) alongside with Shin Min Ah. Now  I hope the public give him the second change to proof that he already paid his mistake and becomes a better person.  Welcome back , Ji nice to see you again on the  screen ;)

[by Blossom]

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