Jang Dong Gun Considers Kim Eun Suk’s Next Project

You know Kim Eun Suk? absolutely you know her, she’s one of the most successful drama writer. She’s the lady behind “Lover in Paris”, “On Air”, “City Hall”, and recently for the most phenomenal drama “Secret Garden”. for me, i really love her works on “On Air”.

It seemed soon she decided to come back with new romantic drama on 2012. And the great news is she will ask Jang Dong Gun, the movie specialist actor, to join on her new project. Jang Dong Gun will be take as main role on Kim Eun Suk’s new drama, title “A Gentleman’s Dignity” (신사의품격). from that title of course you need the real gentleman to act as gentleman, right? and it’s a very good choice becuase i  think Jang Dong Gun is the most eligible gentleman on Korea. or maybe “A Gentleman’s Dignity” created because of Jang Dong Gun’s charm?

On October 24th reportedly from Jang Dong Gun’s agency , Jang Dong Gun considers the Kim Eun Suk’s offer for a drama prject. He is still studying the scenario. If this project really happens, this drama will be the comeback project for Jang Dong Gun for (almost) twelve years!! His latest drama was “All About Eve,” first aired on 2000. Oh God please make it real…I can’t hardly wait for his comeback on small screen.

And if this project goes smoothly then this drama will start airing on March 2012, on SBS as weekend drama.

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