Jang Dong Gun on “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, Confirmed!

Remember this???…then it’s confirmed. yay!!!

On December 5th, official from SBS announced that Jang Dong Gun was sure of his involvement as the leading man on Kim Eun Suk’s new drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. Jang Dong Gun has agreed to continue the casting process and begin negotiations with official, especially the writer, Kim Eun Suk.

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” tells about adult’s love story. Jang Dong Gun will possibly act alongside Lee Na Yeong. Actually, i don’t want to be happy too early, because there is still a possibility of changing casts and Jang Dong Gun has a very busy schedule. But,  if all processes run smoothly then this romantic melodrama will become SBS’s drama weekend  start on March 2012.

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  1. i know it would be a miracle to see CHAE RIM be paired with him again.. sigh.. well, good for them..

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