Jang Dong Gun, The Perfectionist Architect from “Gentleman’s Dignity”

Jang Dong Gun showed his charisma through new stills from “Gentleman’s Dignity” that published May 13th. On his new light drama “Gentleman’s Dignity” Jang Dong Gun will portray a perfectionist architect, Kim Do Jin. The still is showing him on his desk, designing something. I just realized that architect could look so sexy and charming like this…since he is Jang Dong Gun… :mrgreen:

He is perfect on his works, but not on his social life. He is not anti social, but he has problem when he  tries to open the relationship, he is bit stiff and cold…emmm :? ..sounds like someone I know, architects? anti-social?cold? :o

But then, he will meet a dynamic and vibrant woman, Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul) and try to make relationship with her. Of course their different personalities will bring more comedy on this drama. “Gentleman’s Dignity” will start as weekend drama on SBS on May 26th.

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3 Responses to Jang Dong Gun, The Perfectionist Architect from “Gentleman’s Dignity”

  1. Can’t wait to see d drama, must be great, yeeaahhh. Hopefully.

  2. jong don gun,i adore u so much.ur acting is one of a kind.i watched a gentleman’s dignity 8 or 9 times,the more i watch it ,the more i like it.thank u so much for this wonderful movie,i wish u all health an happiness in ur personal lives.

  3. You are a very good actor and I am looking forward your visit here in the Philippines. I hope you would consider….Your Gentleman’s dignity is being aired here and its very good,entertaining and of course I like it very much.

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