The Gentlemen Parade on “Gentleman’s Dignity” Press Conference

Yesterday, the gentlemen got together and wearing the neat and luxury suit, they were Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong, Kim Soo Ro, and Lee Jong Hyuk. these gorgeous ajeossi-deul, being together like this just because one lady, Kim Eun Suk.

Yeah..finally, Kim Eun Suk’s new drama “Gentleman’s Dignity” ready to airing this weekend (first episode on May 26th) on SBS, that’s why on May 23rd was held press conference for that drama.

Since the drama tells about adult love story, so most of the casts absolutely veteran actors. but frankly, it’s doesn’t matter for me, looking Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong, and others on small screen again, because their charm never fade. Even i’m not fans of F4, but i always love idea about brotherhood or sisterhood, and i think this drama will bring more point about friendship and relationship.

The lovely daddy, Jang Dong Gun, looked so dashing with that suit. I’m really excited about his comeback after a very long hiatus on small screen, twelve years..whoaaa…he’s so gorgeous…

Kim Min Jong, simple and relaxed in t-shirt and black jacket.

Kim Soo Ro, i don’t know why, every time i look at him, i always smile, because os his face…

for the apparance, Kim Jong Hyuk my favorite, he looks like a bad boy..oops..i mean a bad ajeossi, and i love the bad guy.

Not only the gentlemen, the ladies also shows their graces. Kim Ha Neul, no doubt, she’s really pretty, i love her white outfit especially the rimple on top.

Yoon Se Ah, can i addressed her as ajeomma? but i think she doesn’t deserved for that since she looked so hot with the green mini dress.

Kim Jung Nan, looked so elegant but i think her dress was too stiff.

Yoon Jin Yi, so cute with her simple hairstyle and her white mini dress.

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul, the perfect couple for this year…

So lets watch the brotherhood among these gentlemen on SBS as weekend drama…

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6 Responses to The Gentlemen Parade on “Gentleman’s Dignity” Press Conference

  1. Very wondeful ….please a Season 2 ….

  2. I Love “A Gentleman’s Dignity”!!

  3. its so nice that is my favorite

    actor and actress

  4. i love a gentlemans dignity i did not miss one episode of it i love uit forever

  5. I love you hang dong gun….sorry Kim do jin

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