Jang Geun Seok Close to High Cut

Ehmmm…errr…..mmmm :? Okay actually i’m still frowning until now seeing this. I don’t know how to comment about these pictures. With that rose cigaret, ajeomma‘s pants, and those expressions i don’t understand with “Always Close To Y o u” concept for this pictorial, every thing looks unrelated, so i think i don’t have the right to put my comments on this article. This time…ck..high cut, i lost perspective.

As i know “Always Close To Y o u” was also his title show on Japan on 2011. Maybe this pictorial is to show his journey during the 2011. He had much blessing on 2011 especially when he was on Japan, and also to anticipate his next projects on 2012, one of them is “Love Rain” where appear on two different characters one as innocent-classic student, and the other as a freely young guy.

I sincerely praying, may he’s more successful this year, getting closer to your dreams and keep fighting, Geun Seok-ssi!


[by Blossom]

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