Ji Jin Hee, the Hot and Adorable Ajeossi for High Cut

Before “Take Care of Us, Captain”  I was used to seeing him on traditional hanbok, that’s why on that drama it feels weird seeing him on monkey suit. On January 25th when High Cut published his recent photos i just realized that Ji Jin Hee has different side which has yet to be revealed.

For High Cut he’s transformed into three different characters: the cute geek , the romantic gentleman, and the “James Bond”. I was surprised that Ji Jin Hee can also show those expressions, dorky and adorable, because usually he only shows his straight but charismatic face on his dramas, mostly as a general or a king. However, the most important point in here is that he’s really HOT!

On this photoshoot he wears the suit and accessories from high class brand, such as Nina Ricci and Cartier. With his charisma those goods look suitable for him. This ajeossi looks classy, dandy and of course, sexy… :mrgreen:

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  1. yah he look so s.e.x.s.y

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