Ji Sung Joins Kim Ah Joong for “My P.S Partner”

Finally, Ji Sung confirmed to be Kim Ah Joong’s partner on new romantic comedy movie “My P.S Partner”.

Kim Ah Joong is back on big screen after six years. She gained success with her latest movie “200 Pounds Beauty”  alongside with Joo Jin Mo on 2006 . And next  she will be pairing with Ji Sung.

“My P.S Partner” tells about accidental love. Instead of calling her boyfriend, Yoon Jung (Kim Ah Joong) calls someone else, a total stranger. She feels comfortable with that guy, and finally had sex phone with him. Then when her relationship with her boyfriend in trouble she meets Hyun Seung (Ji Sung), the guy who still loves his ex-girlfriend, but then Yoon Jung falls in love with him, and actually Hyun Seung is the stranger she’s been having phone sex with.

Ji Sung will appear different from his latest character on “Protect The Boss”. In this movie he will be more mature, but i hope he still acts comical. The filming will begin on March, and planned to be released next years.

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