“My P.S Partner” Shows Off The Intimate Stills

Ji Sung and Kim Ah Jong share their intimacy on stills of up-coming romance comedy movie “My P.S Partner”. For this R rated movie of course will be more of the hot scenes for the couple.

The  couple, Yoon Jeong (Kim Ah Jong) and Hyun Seung (Ji Sung), was met because of an accidental call. They both feel hopeless with their official lovers. Yoon Jeong, who is desperately waiting the proposal from her five-years-boyfriend, accidentally makes a phone call to the stranger, and the stranger is Hyun Seung who is in the same level with her, brokenhearted. Then, that phone call is going wild, and put these people on the weird and awkward situations.

On November 21st, the press-con of this movie has already been held. The whole casts came to that event, but Ji Sung. These days Ji Sung is really busy filming his current drama “The Great Seer”. While “My P.S Partner” will be officially start to screening national wide  on December 6th.

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