Jin Se Yeon Shows Her Young Spirit on Elle Girl

In the middle the tight schedule filming her drama “Bridal Mask” (각시탈), our heroine, Jin Se Yeon celebrated the summer through pictorial for “Elle Girl” magazine.

Quite different from her character on drama, as passionately  freedom fighter, Mok Dan a.k.a Puni , in this pictorial Jin Se Yeon shows her real personalities. She looks so girly, bright and cheerful, and I’m sure she’s very proud of her pretty long legs. She is the nice girl, along the photoshot she always smiled and spread the positive spirit.  For me,  i really love her face, with her big eyes and full lips, i think for Korean her face is so unique.

Besides the pictorial, on  “Elle Girl” magazine for August issue, Jin Se Yeon also shared her thought about her career and her recent drama “Bridal Mask”. Especially the romance between Mok Dan and Kang To (Joo Won).

On the interview she also revealed her admiration towards breakthrough actor Lee Je Hun who acted really natural and  awesome this years through his very different characters on “An Introduction to Architecture” and “Fashion King”.  She even said that Lee Je Hun is the actor with the deepest gaze. She is really fascinated by Lee Je Hun, i hope Joo Won will not be jealous. ;)

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