Jo In Seong be Discharged on May and His Waiting List Project

Actually, the most anticipated thing I’m waiting for on this May is Jo In Sung’s discharge from military service. He started his duties on April 2009 and was planed to be discharged from Air Force on May 4th…yay! I’m counting few more days. :o

After discharging from the Army, Jo In Seong has had an awaited movie project, “Kwonbup”(권법). One of my favorite actors is not giving himself time to rest, perhaps because he just misses his job a lot.

“Kwonbup” (권법) is a sci-fi fantasy movie and take the setting in the future. Jo In Sung will play as a high school student who tried to save the village where there live a girl he loved. Jo In Sung as a student ???… hmmm .. he’s not young anymore, he almost 31years old in Korea (born on July 28, 1981), but we’ll see his appearance.

Last I saw him through his controversial acting in “Frozen Flower”, but I still love his acting. Now he looks more handsome and dashing while he was in the Air Force. Look at his latest photos, he was looming among other colleagues, but his face is still cute as ever and with his innocent smile … oh .. so sweet.

I hope in addition to busy in the movie project he also soon return to the small screen since he reportedly will take apart on some dramas such as “Four Seasons” and new drama based on the manga “Jiraishin” or maybe (I hope) he can acting re-together with his noona, Ha Ji Won (oh I really adore “What Happened in Bali”).

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