More from Jo In Sung’s Discharged Ceremony

Frankly inappropriate for me if I only wrote that very short article about Jo In Sung’s discharged from military, so after successfully reduced my emotions, I decided to make longer version. :D

Yay! finally he’s back. At 10.00 a.m on May 4th, awaited by 400 fans, Jo In Sung attended the discharged ceremony for him and other soldier mates. After two years (entered on April 2009), now he’s officially finished his duties as a good citizen on Air Force.

In his speech he said that he still don’t know his feeling about the discharged since it hasn’t been long. Last night he couldn’t sleep, maybe he couldn’t wait for morning to come to meet his parents and the people he loves.

He also felt gratefully that he could serve in Air Force and met many good friends, and certainly he will miss them all.

Soon, Jo In Sung will come back to entertainment industry for his fans who miss him a lot. Welcome back oppa, nice to see you  again! :)

But, is there someone who can explain to me what that ring on his finger means??? :?

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