Jo In Sung Shows “Love” Through Kim C’s MV

Jo In Sung stars on Kim C’s newest MV “Love”. “Love” is a song from Kim C’s latest album, Priority, that was released on March. Jo In Sung decided to appear in this MV because he has a special relationship with Kim C.

I love this MV, just a simple clip, but so juicy for me.  Jo In Sung is really a good actor. In this clip he shows so many deep expression, he laugh, smile, and cry. Through those expressions, Jo In Sung intends to show what love is. His figure looked so fragile  and sensitive here…makes me want to hug him :mrgreen:

But not only the actor, the editing and cinematography was also so brilliant.



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  1. I found this video by accident and I don’t know why it’s not a huge hit. I keep watching it because of Jo In Sung, who breaks my heart and makes me cry in this video. He looks different now, more streamline in appearance, and yes, you hit it right on–frail. These lyrics are so haunting, but they ring true of falling in love, and being confused by a heart so full of heady stuff.

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