Lee Seung Gi’s Spread Adorable Smile on His Latest MV “Invitation To Me”

20121217-Lee Seung Gi

I just wanna share one of my pleasures for this week. I think it’s called love at the first sight. First time i saw Lee Seung Gi’s latest MV “Invitation To Me”,  I just fall in love for everything in this MV: the music, the song, the nuance, the landscapes, the simple idea, and of course the singer. I love his first single from his latest album that tells about recalling first love “Returns”,  but due to the MV i love this song more, because i’m really pleased seeing the smiling Seung Gi in here.

In this MV Lee Seung Gi appears so charming and he always smiling. He shows off his natural side and that makes him looks so stunning and adorable. The song sounds so calm and warm, so perfect for this cruel winter. Just like other songs on “Forest” album,  “Invitation To Me” is also collaboration song with Epitone Project.

The MV just focuses on Lee Seung Gi when he enjoys himself on countryside, as if he is on vacation alone. He’s just wearing casual outfit when he’s doing some normal activities. He is playing around at ranch, walking alone on the beach, stopping by at local bookstore, reading a book while enjoying the sunlight, having fun at amusement park, and being friendly with the local..what a wonderful vacation…



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