Joo Ji Hoon’s First Fans Meeting after Discharged

As his promise, finally on November 27th Joo Ji Hoon held the fans meeting. The 2000 fans came to see and meet him after almost two years in military. Joo Ji Hoon looked so happy on that event, he felt blessed because he has the loyal fans like them.

On military he learned about many things while he was a soldier. He becomes a better person now. Actually he didn’t only learn about life in military because surprisingly  for his fans, he showed his singing skill and guitar playing. The fans really were happy to listen to his gentle singing voice.

He should train his skill on singing more often indeed, since he decided to take part in the musical  “Doctor Zhivago” as his come back project  which requires him to sing live.

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  1. I would like to be there:)
    Joo ji hoon, thank you for doing a good turn.
    always full support for joo ji hoon :) ♥ fighting!!!

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