Joo Jin Mo, Kim Seo Yeon, Park Hee Soon,Yoo Seon on “Russian Coffee” (가비) New Posters

Movie “Russian Coffee” (가비) released new posters showing each of the main leads with his/her strong character’s image. One thing these actors have in common in the posters, that is strong eyes expression.

Actor Joo Jin Mo whose character as the double agent Russian-Japanese Spy, Ilyich, appears with his cool and strong eyes expression. The background image of explosions and ruins and him holding a gun represents his role very clearly as the man who set the fire on the main conflict.

Actress Kim Seo Yeon, as the barista, Tanya, looks very mysterious and cold. Look at her eyes…very thrilling! The barren winter tree in the background supports her cold character image. Meanwhile actress Yoo Seon, as Japanese woman, Sadako, looks elegant yet strong in her kimono and confidence eyes expression.

Actor Park Hee Soon, as King Go Jong, wearing the royal uniform and holding a cup (of coffee) shows his character’s image as a king with charisma. This King loves to drink coffee.

“Russian Movie” tells about the female private barista of King Go Jong and the conspiracy and secrets surrounding the serving of the coffee. This move takes the year of South Korean’s Royal Refugee to Russian Legation, 1896-1897, when King Go Jong and his crown prince fled from Gyeongbokgung Palace to Russian legation and governed the country from there during the year.

This movie will be officially released in South Korea on March 2012.

(this one was the poster they previously released)

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