The Posters from “All About My Wife”

New movie “All About My Wife” (내 아내의 모든 것) released more posters. Im Soo Jung who plays as the center point appeared more bold and as  a housewife she posed in the kitchen. But she looks so sexy with red mini dress. Her cute and innocent face became wild with her naughty smile.

In this romantic comedy movie, Im Soo Jung is transformed into a sexy but scary wife for Lee Seon Gyun. She is a perfect wife for her husband: sexy and has really nice cooking skill, but as the woman  she is horrible. She is a real dictator, superior and dominating for everythings, make his life so miserable.

On her latest movie “Love Me Love Me Not” (Comes Shine Comes Rain) Im Soo Jung also took the role as a wife. And not too different with her previous character, in this movie  she also plays as an unfaithful wife, but this time her cheating is part from her husband’s grand design. This movie is about a husband who wants run away from his scary wife. Even on the posters above there’s a tagline “Please, help me break up with this woman”

So, the husband thinks the way to make his wife get out of his life is to make her cheating or love someone else. The husband hires some kind of Casanova professional (Ryu Seung Ryong) to run that mission.

“All About My Wife” is planned to be released on May 17th.

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