Joo Sang Wook Shows Off His Unrealistic Body for Bodyguard….yeah..this winter is totally hot, since recently Joo Sang Wook poses for Bodyguard’s 2012 winter collection. For that underwear brand, Joo Sang Wook looks so proud showing off his solid body. Alongside with Park Han Byeol, Joo Sang Wook is trusted as Bodyguard ambassador since August 2012.

Frankly, along this morning I observed this picture, I wondered if this picture was sort of photoshopped??? his toned body looks unrealistic because it’s too perfect and flawless. But, when he regularly appears on KBS “Happy Sunday” and shows his appeal, without a doubt i’m sure this body belongs to him.

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  1. That is JSW’s body all right. If the pix were ‘photo shopped’- wouldn’t it be easier for the advertiser to just hire someone else with a great body?!

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