Joo Won and Jin Se Yeon for “Bridal Mask” (각시탈) Are Confirmed!

Oh it’s very good news that the anticipated KBS’ new sageuk-fantasy drama has settled its two leading roles, and actually other roles as well. The lucky actress to play alongside Joo Won as the main casts in this drama is the rookie heroine from SBS’ drama “My Daughter, Flower.” With the wrapping up of casting for the roles, this production is ready for the first script reading, which was held today, February 3 at KBS Annex, Seoul.

With 10 billion won investment, everyone has a very high expectation for the drama. People are kind of expecting Joo Won’s character to be the new Korean Super Hero, even though the setting would be in Korean 1930’s during the Japanese occupation. If in 2011 people were charmed by the phenomenal modern hero “City Hunter”, which Lee Min Ho played it successfully, in 2012 the classical hero “Bridal Mask” may take the similar spot light. Joo Won should work very hard for his character to be, at least, as successful as Lee Min Ho’s. But of course, as his fan, I wish he’ll do much better. This drama can be his turning point in acting career. If he’s successful in this drama, it’s no doubt that he’ll be recognized as one of the promising top star actors. And it’s not impossible that he’ll be more famous than Yoon Shi Yoon.

Fighting, Joo Won!


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