Photos from Bridal Mask’s Reading Session

as Rizz had written that on February 3rd was held first reading script for “Bridal Mask”, and these the photos from that event, the whole actors attented.  On KBS Annex, with 10 million won budget, this most anticipated KBS drama begin their production. The protagonist and antagonist roles from “Bridal Mask” gathered for the first time reading the script.

On these photos seen, Joo Won, Park Ki Woong, Jin Se Yeon, Shin Hyeon Jun, Cheon Ho Jin, Lee Byeong Jun, and others. Between senior actors, junior actors, and staff created friendly atmosphere. They were all very enthusiastic with this work.

The drama that based on classic manhwa “각시탈” (Gaksital)  Joo Won trusted as hero, Lee Kang To,  Jin Se Yeon as heroine, Mok Dan,  and Park Ki Woong as bad guy, Shunji, the Japanese soldier. This drama tells about freedom fighting while Japanese colonial 0n 1930’s by mysterious hero with bridal mask.

this drama planned to be aired on May.

[info and images source]

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