Jung Il Woo Enjoying New York City for 1st LOOK Magazine

After “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” finished, Jung Il Woo (seemed to) disappear. He seems too busy invade New York City, US.  Today (April 19th), 1st Look Magazine published his pictorial title “New York, Ordinary Jung Il Woo”. As a good girl I just want to share these gorgeous photos from ordinary street on New York city. I always love seeing Jung Il Woo on all his pictorials, I don’t know why, for me he is naturally photogenic.

According to the title, most of the photos showed Jung Il Woo was wearing just simple and casual outfit. He just looks like an ordinary citizen, but still stylist. Riding the bicycle, reading the news paper, enjoying the big slice of pizza, having lunch, or just looking around. ooh..he looks fresh like a big apple…nyummy… :lol:





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