Jo In Sung is Too Pretty for 1st LOOK

Actually i don’t like actor with pretty face but there’s an exception for  Jo In Sung. He is one of a few pretty guys that i love. Oh yeah  i adore him not because of his face,but it’s after seeing his great acting on “What Happened in Bali”  i just felt in love with him.

Now in 2012 he is busy preparing his new movie “Kwon Bup” or “First Fist” which will start filming on April, and to anticipate his late comeback on screen he took several photoshoots, previously on GQ  and then he appears on 1st LOOK magazine for March issue.

Besides the pictorial he also took interview for this magazine, he shared his experience during the military service, and his social life after being discharged. He said he spent much time in the library. He read many  philosophy books while he was on the military camp. And after being released he’s not too rush to comeback on screen, but for his fans on 2011 he agreed to appeared on “Infinity Challenge”.

In this pictorial he shows his flawless charm, looks stunning and oh so damn! his gaze so sexy… and with his perfect body…i’m swoon… oh he is too beautiful to be real. maybe God was in a very good mood when He created him…

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