Jung Il Woo on “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, Confirmed!

On December 26th, the official announced that on Christmas day Jung Il Woo attended to the script reading session of MBS’s new drama “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” (해를 품은 달) or “The Moon and The Sun”, and it’s means finally Jung Il Woo positive to play on that drama.

Actually at first that part was prepared for Joo Won,  but unfortunately he’s still busy on ‘Ojakgyo Brother”, then the official offered the script to Jung Il Woo who just wrapped “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”. After reading that script, Jung Il Woo agreed to appear  on that fantasy sageuk drama. He loves the story and his role. He will play alongside Han Ga In, and Kim Soo Hyun, and too bad it seems that Jung Il Woo will be back on his expertise, as second leading man.

This drama is based on novel “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” by Jung Eun Kwol was published on 2005. It tells about about love story between King Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) and the princess slash shaman, Wol (Han Ga In). Jung Il Woo’s character is Prince Yang Myeong who is the King’s step brother who also loves Wol..oh yeah..the fantasy triangle love story on Joseon era..too complicated… :?

“The Moon That Embraces The Sun” will start airing the first episode on January 4th.

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