The All Casts Gathering on The Moon That Embraces The Sun’s Press Conference

On January 2nd, the fiction sageuk drama “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” held press conference. This drama is ready for airing the first episode on January 4th on MBC. The whole casts attended that event wearing the traditional custom, they are, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Min Seo, Song Jae Hee, Song Jae Rim, Yoon Seung Ah, and more.

Besides discussing about the drama, the main casts, Han Ga In, Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo, talked about their involvement and their personal thought. In generally they’re really excited acting in this drama. They like the  idea about love story on royal family.

Han Ga In wearing the shaman costume, instead of looking creepy she looked so pretty. Besides asking about her character, the reporters also asked about her husband’s opinion about her younger-handsome co-workers, Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo, because on this drama Han Ga In will be involved with these guys on triangle love story.

Just for information her husband is also (my favorite) actor, Yeon Jeong Hoon (Vampire Prosecutor). She said that she and her husband don’t talk about their jobs often, but she thought Yeon Jeong Hoon will be happy with her role in this drama, but jokingly she hoped her husband got jealous.

Kim Soo Hyun is really serious about her role, as fictional Jeoseon’s king,  King Lee Hwon. For him it’s a tough challenge, as a king must be thoughtful, with serious expression, and he was banned to laugh and it was difficult for him.

He realized that his acting ability is still lack was but he wanted to always learn about acting to the other casts.He even admitted that for his role he took Song Joong Ki as his role model. He thought Song Joong Ki’s act as the young King Sejong on “Tree With Deep Roots” was pretty good. But he promised that he would show the different image for portraying King Lee Hwon.

In this drama, Han Ga In will play as a young shaman, Wol. Before becoming the shaman her name  is Heo Yeon Woo. She is the King Lee Hwon’s first love. They know each other since they’re young. But one day they have to separate because Heo Yeon Woo suffered from a strange disease and has to kicked out of the palace. Then after a long years they meet again, but Heo Yeon Woo has become Wol, the shaman, and Lee Hwon has become the King. With their status, their love is no longer easy…ouch..i feel pity for this couple..

Actually, the reason I’ve been waiting for this drama is because the second leading man, Jung Il Woo. He will play as Lee Hwon’s step brother, prince Yang Myeong Goon. He also will fall in love with the mysterious shaman, Wol.

No need to rest for him, after ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” now he wears hanbok for “The Moon that Embraces The Sun”. This time his role is not too different from his real character, but becoming Prince Yang Myeong Goon he has to be more emotional. Even though he’s smile, he’s sad inside. Oh writer and director, i hope you won’t make him suffer on this drama, how could you make this cute guy be hurt?

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  1. wow the photos are perfect!!thanks a lot


  3. I like so much this story.

  4. beautiful story.. i like it very much so touching…<3

  5. ang ganda grave ng moon embracing the sun at ang gwapo at magagnda ang mga cast lalo na c jung il woo grave nakakakilig ang bawat eksena sana balang araw ma meet ko rin cla nuh””….? panonoorin ko talaga yan araw araw bye……….

  6. i really like Moon embracing the Sun ..
    i <3 Lee hwon and yeun woo .. :)

  7. i love it…sana hindi na lang matapos kahit paulit-ulit papanoorin ko parin….sa lahat ng cast ng MOON EMBRACING THE SUN…i love u…

    ang ganda super super duper 100% adik kaming lahat dyan pag METS bawal mag ingay…lahat tahimik..lahat ng cast ng i love u again….

  8. nakakakilig naman yan….wag kaung aabsent pag moon embracing the sun

    I 000000 \ / I—– I I
    I 0 0 \ / I I I
    I 0 0 I—– I I
    I 0 0 \ / I I I
    I____ 000000 \/ I—– I_______I

  9. your so beautiful han ga in <3

  10. > sana wag muna matapos toh !!! kunq pwede pakiulit nman ooh ! super ganda talaqa qrabe

  11. hi,,,,, i love it tlaga ! adict ako kay ho yeon woo& lee hwon !!super kkaklig jejeje!!!!!!!!!!!! syang mag eend na yung METS sna may part 2 pa T,Y, mwuuahh!!!!!!!!!

  12. hey yow!!! I really love Moon Embracing the sun!!!
    Keep it up guyzz!!! My heart seemed to be too overwhelmed every time I watch your show… Wait a minute, Yang Myung’s death actually made me cry!!! but in a while, as I learned that it’ll be for the better, it also made me happy… two feelings at once! love you all guys!! MWAHUGGGGGGSSSSS!!!! :X


  13. nice nice talaga.sana with part two yet, because unlike the story of their love story …and sana ma ka bisita kayo her in the philiphines

  14. I love talaga ang METS adik ako sa dramang ito sana magkaroon ng part 2 my gosh!!!Gwapo talaga ni Kim Soo Hyun ganda ni Han Ga In :) I love them both

  15. i really like this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • its so nice talaga kahit 2014 na ngayon i miss it METS sana may part2 pano ilove all the cast i love them so muchhhhh

      moon embracing the sun(mets)!^_^°_^^_°°…………………


  16. its nice talaga kahit 2014 na ngayon gusto ko pang part 2 i miss it ang ganda talaga ni han ga in at ang gwapo ni kim soo hyun ang gagaling umacting ng mga cast ulad ni Jung Il Woo, Kim Min Seo, Song Jae Hee, Song Jae Rim, Yoon Seung Ah, and more i miss it talaga


  17. very good ,i am from iran ,i love casts on The Moon That Embraces……

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